salad n.色拉;莴苣,生菜

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Salad is the world's easiest way to share compute. We put your idle PC to work on a distributed computing network we call The Kitchen.

Our Salad Chefs earn rewards value for contributing to advanced computing tasks. It's anonymized, secure, transparent—and lucrative.

Earning Salad Balance is as easy as clicking "Start." Run Salad whenever your hardware is idle and watch the lettuce pile up.

Salad dynamically decides the most profitable task for your PC, gets it connected, and pays out everything you've earned.

Use Salad Balance on Steam games, Discord Nitro, VISA and Amazon gift cards, in-game DLC, and thousands more rewards at the Salad Storefront.

Download Salad today to start earning. To learn more about how Salad works before you opt in, check out our guide to making an informed decision.

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04 salad n.色拉;莴苣,生菜 23635
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